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Completing a real estate home sale without the proper help is known as one of the toughest transactions in the world. The process can be more complicated when the property in question is facing foreclosure or has some liens attached to it. Whether by the knowledge of the homeowner or by the actions of an unhappy creditor or contractor, there’s always the possibility of the owner losing his/her ownership to the property with the existence of various liens put in place to secure payment.

People normally have the notion that homes with liens cannot be sold, we consider this idea to be very wrong and misleading. If you own a home with liens, whether tax or nuisance liens and would like to sell and move, there are still available options to be explored, follow the steps listed below for tops tips on how to get it sold:

  • Evaluate the Lien: Determine the different types of liens and judgments on your property. Each lien has a different procedure to handle while some cannot be negotiated. Most of them can be settle if handled the right way.
  • Find a qualified buyer: It can be a challenging decision to find someone with the ability to buy a home with a lien attached to it. Lien is considered to be a major problem for most buyers and real estate agents as everything is needed to be paid in full. If the creditor in particular is found difficult to handle, they may get tired and run out of patience. You need to find someone who understands your desire to sell your house as is and as well can handle the lien.
  • Work with an expert: Hire the service of an experienced investor brings about a great difference in the outcome. An investor or a title company can take you through by controlling what you tell a creditor when selling liens. It’s preferable not to make the lien holder aware of you releasing the lien as it gives them the upper hand.

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